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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay, assalamualaikum people . Ain kembali aktif blog akibat kebisingan SYAZWANA -,- dia yangg duk potpetpotpet suruh aktif berblog ;)

for first day I'm being active in this blog . I would like to introduce myself and my best people around me :*
Hey , Ain taken and I do have A super , awesome , handsome best ever superman . Our relation dah about 9 month since 13.3.11 . currently now , he is the best and coolest partner, couple , lover and so on . he did understand me much <3

Friends ? Oh , I have so many friends . acehhh :p K , my best buddies are my best scandal . I do love them and  I do meant it :* Orang yang sayang Ain tak pernah sia-siakan Ain #fact . 
bestie ? not for now I think so , sbb ramai yang dgn ain up and down . thanks A lot u gaisss <3

Next , its about family . mama Ain penyabar gilaa doo , she is the best for me . even dia tak sporting mcm some mother yang dontcare about bf . I know she want the best for me . 
Ayah ? erghh , susah sikit nak ngam dgn Ain but then when we both rapat ? we both akan sangat rapat mesra semua , but then bila gaduhh ? K , ini situasi yang paling ain taknak lalui ;(
siblings ? I love my adek much than my abang :p but I still love my abangg ;) oh , ain ade coolest uncles and aunties yang suka jalan-jalan , spend time dgn Ain and palingg sudi dengar Ain potpetpotpet . 

K , that's all for today . here some photo . I love elibadi beside me . thank u stalker for sudi read my luahan hati . mwhehe :3 Thanks A lot , I loveyou <333

K , ini kawan MGS . iloveyou :*

This is hostel life , awesome them ! :D

girls , u know what ? I miss be like this backk ;(

This is my coolest aunties and uncles . I do love them much much more :*

Ayah , sometimes I hate u but most of the time Iloveyou :')

This is my family , and they are my strength to keep fighting in this world game to archive what I want for world and none ;)

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